Until a conversation on Plurk recently, it had never occurred to me to try appliers perhaps intended for female avatars on my Catwa head. So I headed over to Izzie Button's store to try out her new 'Tokyo' appliers for the Catwa eyes, which come in a range of colours and options for mesh eyes, as well as an applier for freckles, with a choice of tones. I'm pretty pleased with the result. I had to juggle layers a bit so I could wear freckles and a beard but found it worked fine with the default Catwa beard.  Izzie also sells a mesh layer of freckles to help with this issue.


mesh head: 'daniel' - catwa
mesh body: slink physique
face applier: 'eliah' - tableau vivant @ kustom9 may 2017
body appliers: 'tone 06' - tableau vivant
eyes: 'tokyo eyes (lights)' - izzie's
freckles: 'catwa freckles appliers' - izzie's
hair & hairbase: 'like lust' - stealthic @ men only monthly


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